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Ride That Pony - San Dieguito Academy High School Girls Volleyball

The San Dieguito Academy girl's volleyball team, and this web site RideThatPony.com, is mentioned in January 2007 issue of Volleyball Magazine.

The San Dieguito Academy girls volleyball team has its own website at RideThatPony.com. The Mustangs are a CIF Division III school of 1,200 students. The Mustangs recently finished second in the San Diego County Division III and advanced to the CIF Division III state playoffs. Setter MacKenzie Aries (top row, far left) is the site's webmaster. Aries sports a 3.98 GPA and also holds the all-time school record in the track and field for shot put. The team has its own song -- a takeoff on the Beach Boys' song "I Wish They All Could Be California Girls." The team's theme song can be heard on the site, is entitled, "I Wish They All Could Be San Dieguito Girls."


"I wish they all could be San Dieguito girls"
Sung by Mic Maga

(Requires Internet Explorer or download the MP3 file here San Dieguito Girls) 

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